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The Importance of Outdoor Physical Activity for Cancer Survivor

The Importance of Outdoor Physical Activity for Cancer Survivor
Get outdoors and explore stand-up paddle (SUP) and SUP Yoga activities 

A cancer diagnosis is an experience that transforms a person’s life. In addition to the physical, psychological, and emotional challenge, the journey of survival depends on a holistic approach for recovery and maintaining health. A crucial part of this approach is outdoor physical activity, which can have a great impact on the live quality of cancer survivors [1], being one of the essential pillars of the OACCUs project.
Among activities that are gaining prominence in this context, are stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) and yoga on a stand-up paddle board (SUP Yoga). SUP is a water activity that involves paddling with a one blade paddle, while standing on a board. According to the level of experience and participant proficiency, the SUP boards can be stable or more challenging for balance. 
This sport offers a range of physical and psychological benefits for cancer survivors: 
1.     Connection with Nature: SUP exposes individuals to the calming hues of nature, surrounded by greenery and blue waters, along with safe sunlight exposure. This exposure is crucial for mental well-being and bone immune health [2].
2.     Physical Rehabilitation: SUP practice contributes to enhancing muscle strength, balance, and coordination [3]. These aspects are often compromised during cancer treatment, making such activities instrumental in the recovery process.
3.     Stress Reduction: Beyond its physical benefits, SUP creates a tranquil environment for cancer survivors. The serene waters foster a peaceful atmosphere, aiding in stress and anxiety reduction—common challenges faced by individuals post-cancer treatment [4].
4.     Emotional Well-being: The sensation of floating on the water imparts a profound sense of freedom and well-being. This, in turn, contributes to the holistic recovery of individuals, addressing not only the physical but also the psychological and emotional aspects of their well-being.
Yoga on a stand-up paddle board combines the benefits of SUP with ancient yoga practice, enhancing the mind-body connection. This unique activity strengthens core muscles, improves stability, and helps cancer survivors reconnect with their bodies, relieve tension, and find peacefulness.
Enjoy a sunny day and go practice outdoor in nature, try SUP and/or SUP Yoga!! 
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Author: Beatriz Gomes, Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education, University of Coimbra
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