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Wellbeing and Emotional Distress: Worksheet on Negative Thoughts

Wellbeing and Emotional Distress: Worksheet on Negative Thoughts
A journey within cancer 
During your personal journey with cancer, the emotional ups and downs might feel like a roller coaster ride with unexpected twists. The uncertainty can make you wonder when, or if, the ride will ever end. Many people share these feelings, and there are times when you might wish you could pause the journey and go back to your normal routine. 

The literature highlights the challenges faced by Adolescents and Young Adults (AYAs) in survivorship, spanning from physical and cognitive changes to shifts in relationships, fertility concerns, emotional struggles, body image issues, and existential viewpoints. The impact reverberates across social interactions with peers and the broader network, coupled with disruptions to independence, education, and career trajectories. Mental health challenges, including anxiety and depression, notably impact AYAs. These struggles interconnect with fostering a positive body image and grappling with autonomy loss. Additionally, these challenges intersect with the complexities of adolescence and young adulthood tasks, encompassing independence, identity formation, and relationship development. Even without formal diagnostic criteria met, cancer experience adversely affects mood often leading to feelings of anger, reduced self-assurance, and lower self-esteem among AYAs. 

Some of the difficulties faced among AYAs can be manifested like this: 

''It’s so hard to explain, especially in our age group. When I say I’m tired, I don’t mean the same thing as someone who hasn’t had cancer says they’re tired, or who hasn’t had treatment or surgery says they’re tired. Because l’ ll say I’m tired and they’ll be like-- oh me too! I’m like, ’No you know, you don’t get it…''

“You are different any way you look at it, but you don't want other people to see you as different. You want simply to be the person that you want to be, just like any other person.”

''…I only did it for six months, my chemo. But I felt like I was a whole year behind my friends. … All my friends are engaged, some of my friends are married and have kids, I’m still living at home -I live part of the time with my boyfriend -….You’ re like, ugh, I missed out on that, now I’m stuck. And you move two steps forward, and ten steps back...

Getting a cancer diagnosis brings emotional challenges, but knowing about the potential difficulties beforehand can make the journey a bit easier. Having access to practical information can help you feel more in control. This sense of control might not change the experience of having cancer, but it can help you find your own purpose and navigate your way forward in your own unique path.

If you find yourself frequently delving into negative thoughts during your journey with cancer you can read further and download this worksheet which focuses on managing Negative Thoughts

Wellbeing and Emotional Distress: Meditation and Relaxation Exercises

Wellbeing and Emotional Distress: Meditation and Relaxation Exercises
In this section of the Wellbeing and Emotional Distress chapter, we wanted to introduce you to the concept of meditation and offer you some introductory videos designed for beginnes and recorded from Marisel Douzeni a yoga & meditation teacher, embodiment practitioner and trauma-informed facilitator that is located in Patras ( This section was developped for the ones of you who want to delve deeper into your inner self, experience something new and adventurous and explore a new way of connecting to yourself and to others.
The videos are recorded in Greek and can be accessed on YouTube: 

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