A digital tool to create participation and influence for the patient in the entire care process

A digital tool to create participation and influence for the patient in the entire care process
As part of the Swedish cancer strategy, the tool My Care Plan is used to facilitate matters such as coherent information about a patient's diagnosis, when and what investigations, treatments and follow-ups the patient should have and more [1]. The digital tool was developed in close collaboration with representatives of patients and their relatives [5]. 

My Care Plan has been implemented in all regions across Sweden and the goal is accessibility for all types of cancer diagnoses. Currently, the tool is available for about twenty cancer diagnoses [1]. My Care Plan is a service that can be adapted to individual needs, this is done through close dialogue between health care professionals and the patient. The digital service is available via from both smart phones, tablets and computers [3], which eliminates the use of paper since all communication takes place digitally [5]. Although if needed, My Care Plan can also be offered in paper format [1,2]. 

In My Care Plan, the patient can for example:   

  • Get in touch with their contact nurse  
  • Find links to in-depth information  
  • Answer forms  
  • Watch instructional videos of for examples rehabilitation exercises [3] 
From the perspective of healthcare professionals, the care plan can easily be updated remotely, settings can be changed to adapt the service to the different needs of patients, and the care process can easily be followed even if the patient moves between different care providers [3]. To facilitate the use of My Care Plan for healthcare professionals, ‘Collaborating Regional cancer centras’ regularly holds user meetings and open webinars with up-to date news about the service [1]. 

The aim of this national coordination is to increase equality, increase patient safety, improve the quality of information and relieve the burden on healthcare professionals working with cancer patients. [3] "The overall impression of My Care Plan is positive among patients, health care professionals and implementation supporters" according to an evaluation made in 2023 [4]. 

From the beginning of 2024, there is also a calendar for trainings, webcasts and events that ‘Collaborating Regional cancer centras’ organizes for both health care professionals, patients and their relatives: Calender of events RCC [3] 

Author: Rebekka Mannelqvist, RV 

Photo: Linn Johansson 


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