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OACCUs challenge: Isak's contribution

OACCUs challenge: Isak's contribution
When I was 16 years old, I got a brain tumor. My life felt destroyed. When it showed that it was an aggressive cancer tumor with a survival rate of 20% in 2 years’ time, I got more scared and prepared myself to die. But I was not so happy when I survived. My last year as a teenager had disappeared, I was brain damaged for life and my dream and life plan was crushed. I couldn't see any meaning or joy. I was so depressed. I couldn't work or had no strength to take all important questions, responsibility or life choices. Also, a friend died in the same tumor, and I wondered why I survived. Why did I get this curse in the first place. What had I done wrong and why did I survive? The brain steers the whole body, I had really bad balance, lost brain function, damaged sight, sensitive hearing, power loss and a brain tiredness that all time messed up my thoughts, gave me headaches and got stressed for nothing. Couldn't I be an actor I saw no reason to live more. 
But I fought and trained, ate better and healthier, trained and fought some more. I did not give up. The cancer should never win. 
Today I work as an actor, I can only work 25%. I tell my story, so no one have to feel so lost as I did or feel so alone in any fight they are going through. My life will never be the same and it hurts everyday but I had never been that person I am today without that darkness. I am thanking it, in a weird way. Today I see that any fighting, loving and hoping, is worth it. And I hope no one ever gives up on life. After darkness, the light is brighter. 
All my Love

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