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OACCUs challenge: Lotta's contribution

OACCUs challenge: Lotta's contribution

My name is Lotta and I am 26 years old and was born with a brain tumor, which was operated on when I was only 1.5 months old. And then I went to chemotherapy every two weeks for a year. Today I feel well and have been declared healthy since 2015. The late effects that I have had after the brain tumor and chemotherapy are vision and hearing loss and I am a little weaker on the left side.

I need this trip because I have low self-confidence, if I face challenges and test my self-confidence and will, maybe this can help me not always take the easy way and do things that I have no control over. That's why this trip is important for me, where I prove to myself that if I have the will, I can do  more than I think. And to meet others who have been in a similar situation, who really understand and can exchange experiences would mean a lot to me.

My physical ability is good, I ski all year round, slalom in the winter and roller skis the rest of the year. I have hiked a lot in nature, climbed Sweden's highest mountain, Kebnekaise, and cycled a race of 150 km. I'm a little weak on the left side, but it's nothing that prevents me physically because I'm quite stubborn.

I always take local transport instead of the car. Going home from work is good for both mental, physical and mental health and also for the environment. You get both a free relaxation, physical activity to clear your mind and stay in shape, at the same time a nature experience that is just as nice to experience varying environments depending on the season all year round. It also means that you get several free energies at the same time that no special equipment is needed. I do yoga regularly, I also like to be creative, do crafts, do puzzles which are also good for mental health and to unwind and feel good.

I start from the model "Rainbow colors" for a balanced and good diet. There is always something for everyone as it is a healthy and varied diet that everyone should try.

My English is quite good, as I work with colleagues from different countries and I travel quite a bit for work on my own without problems. I love adventure and new challenges to take on.

Best regards, Lotta