Tom & Hannes: The Medical Doctors' Podcast Vol. 1 …

Empowering Young Cancer Survivors Through Physical Activity Outdoors

Dr. Tom Degenhardt is not just the medical director of Outdoor Against Cancer (OAC) with extensive experience in medical research and practice, but also a dedicated general practitioner. His specialization in oncology and preventive medicine positions him as an expert in caring for cancer patients, emphasizing the importance of outdoor activities for integrative therapy.

Dr. Hannes Degenhardt, specializing in trauma and orthopedic surgery, brings not only medical expertise to his patients' rehabilitation but also his perspective as a professional handball player. His sports experience allows him to develop individual rehabilitation plans that include physical activities in nature, significantly improving the quality of life for young cancer survivors.

This combination of medical expertise and personal experience in sports and general medicine makes the brothers Dr. Tom Degenhardt and Dr. Hannes Degenhardt valuable voices in discussions on prevention, rehabilitation, and the role of nature in health, especially for young cancer survivors.

Source: Outdoor Against Cancer (OAC)
Author: Petra Thaller

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